The History of Baba Johane Masowe

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It was on the first October of 1914 AD when a black son was born in the rural district of Rusape in Rhodesia. Jack Masedza was the name his father, whereas his mother was called Saiso, or Eve daughter of Mugwambi of Rusape near Gandazara. The poor parents of Shoniwa, lived in area of paramount chief Makoni. One day before the child's birth, his mother Eve was cultivating alone in the field, when she beheld an angel in white apparels holding a white basin. Her amazement was even doubled when she realised that inside the basin was a baby boy. The angel, of the lord called her by her name to which she replied, "My lord". Then the angel continued the address to her saying, " Eve, receive this child as he is holy. " She took the child, and to her astonishment the angel disappeared. At that instant, she noticed a rolling rope descending out of a cloud toward her. And behold a voice spoke to her from the cloud thrice saying, Eve, Eve, Eve, get hold of that rope. "She got hold of the rope - which had three colours like three of the rainbow ones. The rope lining from the cloud downwards, lifted her several times off the ground. Upon being commanded by the voice to say the lords prayer, she uttered it and then went home.

While these wonders occurred, her husband was in prison, having been arrested by mistake instead of his brother who had not paid tax. Mother Eve, therefore, journeyed to her husband, and related to him the whole wonderful experience of the visions. Moreover, the most interesting thing was, that upon mother Eve's encounter with the angel of the lord, she became pregnant. Three months had just expired, when she surprisingly felt beating in her womb. Once more she travelled to jail upon which arrival she explained to her husband about receiving of her pregnancy. Jack, her husband, cautioned that they should keep the matter to themselves and accordingly it was a secret between them. After nine months, she was delivered of a baby boy, who became known as Shoniwa.

Shoniwa grew, and at three years of age, he joined other children in playing. However the strange thing was, that if any of the children made noise, Shoniwa would fall to the ground in a dead faint; but would revive later and resume normal conditions. Now when he was old enough to begin learning, his parents sent him to school with other boys. However, he would deliberately hide himself in a bush, and when other boys left school for home, he would join them. Whenever the parents beat him for neglecting learning, Shoniwa would be in anguish and then become totally unconscious. Whereupon he would later revive, as was his custom; and for this reason the parents out of fear, left him a lone and so would not punish him any more.

Now it happened, then before he was seventeen years of age, he escaped his parents to seek for a job in urban areas. At first he came to Rusape, but later went to Salisbury, the capital of Rhodesia. It was sympathy for the poverty of the parents that moved him to look for a job, purposing to help them. While in his job seeking, he one day came to the Norton railway station compound, which is a few miles from Salisbury. Here at Norton, Shoniwa was noted for his good behaviour to everyone; and he indeed showed so great respect to elderly people that he would not hesitate when sent by anyone. At Norton, Shoniwa earned his bread by the profession of shoemaking; but at spare times he engaged himself in learning carpentry. The folks there called -"SIXPENCE" as a nickname.

Shoniwa was riding a bicycle one-day, whereupon he was struck by a lightning from the East; and so he fell to the ground unconsciously. The people of the Norton compound came to the scene; and finding him half-dead, they of whom were his friends carried him to his room, where he lived with: Samson Mativela and Mazhambe-two gentlemen. After this incident, Shoniwa was confined to his bed by sickness.

Now when three months of his suffering had expired, one night while the door remained locked, Shoniwa left the house unexpectedly. His roommates, Mr. Samson and Mazhambe, awoke to find the boy was not in the house. Next, they heard him speaking outside the house saying! "Get away Satan, get away Satan, get away Satan. "They also had the counterpart’s voice saying! "Sixpence, heaven, earth and sea have been given into your hands. "However to this Shoniwa was saying repeatedly: get away Satan, get away Satan. At last they heard the counterparts voice say: 'I am taking my four shillings out of your body, because everyone born of a woman has my four shillings in the left side of his or her body. Therefore I am taking what is mine; and then go through Chipuriro! -(Chipuriro is a certain area in northern Rhodesia near Zambezi).

Shoniwa, calling from outside, begged that the door should be opened to him, where upon on entering he asked begging, that there should be a fire prepared, for he felt excessively cold. And since he was at the same time groaning out of illness, the roommates hastened to make the fire; and this was ready within a short time. Now upon being asked by the gentlemen, how he managed to get out while the door was closed; he answered that he could not tell. They also inquired of Shoniwa to whom he talked; and Shoniwa answered, that he was talking to Satan, who took four shillings from the left side of his body under the arm-pit, and who after which surrendered saying he would leave him, and go via Chipuriro.

Now it happened that Shoniwa died at dawn: and thereupon after that, a voice was heard calling: -'Sixpence' -three times. The voice of sixpence was perceived answering - 'Father. ' And the voice said to him: 'What impressed you to call me -father? Sixpence replied: I am impressed by you lord. ! The voice said: 'what makes you call me- lord? Sixpence replied: 'Oh my greatest lord have mercy on me and show mercy to me. The voice spoke again saying: 'what makes you beseech for mercy from me? Sixpence replied: 'my lord, my father, have mercy on me. ! the voice of the lord said: 'Sixpence, sing in this manner: "Chiwa ne mutsa panesu; Ha-Ha-Ha-Hallelujah" which means: "Be merciful to us, Ha-Ha-Ha-Hallelujah. "The voice said to sixpence: The days you have been ill, was due to your iniquities from the day you were born till now. I want you to do my work here in heaven! Sixpence replied: 'be merciful to me that I may go to these under my footstool. 'At that instant, the voice of Shoniwa begun to give breath to his body: and waking up he addressed the brethren saying, "Brethren you are living in a very great darkness here on earth. Did you not hear me speaking with Father? "We heard you speaking, " said Mativela.

When evening of that day came, Shoniwa said, " if you see me dead, take two boys, and then place one at my head while the other should be at my feet. Instruct them to pray continuously until I revive, for should they stop praying I may fail to come back. They are to pray: God the father, God the son, God the Holy Spirit, Amen. "(The two boys name were Paul and Luke).
Now it happened in that very evening, he died as he had foretold, and remained in that state till dawn. Paul and Luke, being the two boys present, took up the task of perpetual prayer as already instructed. When it was dawn, we heard the voice speaking to him: 'sing thus: "Be merciful to us; Ha-Ha-Ha-Hallelujah. "The voice continued: I am baptising you, in the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. You shall be called John: and your name John means - the grace of God. You were there in the beginning and you are even here again. Tell every people on earth not to call you Sixpence; but to call you father John. Teach every man to respect each other; and from your example every man or male shall be called - father and likewise every female shall be called -mother. You are to prepare my ways until the end of the world. Manifest good behaviour to every person in the human race. Speak in supplication to me while on earth, I shall hearken.

The lord continued: 'Teach all mankind, men and women to obey the Ten commandments, which I gave at mount Sinai on tablets. We then heard the voice of Shoniwa replaying, Lord have mercy on us, and bring our souls to keep the Ten Commandments. 'We after this heard the lord reading the Ten Commandments from the first to the last. While the lord read the commandments, he ended with -Hallelujah and Amen: Whereas Shoniwa would reply in the same manner; 'Lord have mercy on us and cause our souls to obey the Ten Commandments! When the calling out of the Ten Commandments was over, we heard the voice saying: 'sing: -Fambayi wa tendi, muchinjiko wa tenzi uri mberi'-which means: Go forward believers, the cross of (Christ) The Lord is Forward. Once more the voice said; Sing: -Nyenyedzi ya mwari Baba inobvisa zwakayipa zwe pasi, chiwa nemutsa panesu, Ha-Ha-Ha-Hallelujah; Yera, yera, yera, yera, yera, yera, yera, Ha-Ha-Ha-Hallelujah. Shoniwa was also taught another song which goes -Mununuri Jeso "Wawuya nhasi; ugare kunesu zwino, tigare kunewe- which may be translated: The redeemer Jesus has come today, stay with us now, that we may also stay in you. And another song was; Maria musante amayi wakanaka, yawe, yawe Maria etc -meaning: The Holy Mary, righteous mother, Yahw, Yahw, Yahw Maria etc. All this took place before he went to the mount of Marimba.

The first of October 1932, saw the beginning of the era of redemption especially for Africa and the world at large. On this day, a Friday Shoniwa had come to the mount of marimba which is near Salisbury; and many people gathered to him to listen to the new oracle (at Norton, Marimba). It was at 4 Pam, that the voice of God was heard at Norton (chipukutu); and it came to pass as follows: - Shoniwa, filled with the holy spirit, came to mount Marimba, alone. At the top of the mountain, he became clothed with a great cloud, and singing begun which caught the attention of the folks. Therefore the people gathered to the mountain to witness for themselves the strange sight and occasion. Here at the mountain, Shoniwa was observed to be wearing a white seamless gown, holding also a rod and a small book. These three articles, were miraculously found on him, for nobody could tell whence they were obtained. The rod seemed to be singing: Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna - in a very splendid tone of voice; however the people perceived as it were a great multitude was singing the new song. This was very extra ordinary for the folks to perceive a big multitude singing, whereas their eyes, they clearly saw only father John and the rod singing. Father John opened his mouth to pour forth words of wisdom and said to the people, "Fear God and give glory to him who made all things; the heavens, earth, sea and fountains of waters. These were the admonitory words, which informed them of his first good tidings to the people; and he thereby warned them to seek righteousness if they wished to survive the mighty judgement to befall the earth.

It happened one day that John said, "I am going to my father. "Now it was his habit when he went to his father, he would loose consciousness as in a dead faint; and appeared thereby as lifeless. While in the room he said, "Take four bibles of different languages, put one on my head, one at my feet, the other at my right hand, and the last at my left hand. Then after that he died at 9 a.m. and awoke at 12 noon; and he was in a cheerful mood: smiling and very exalted. Grinning he said; " Today my eyes have been opened for although I was illiterate, now I can read. "He begun to read each bible in turn with a face lit by great joy. There was yet another thing which surprised us greatly, concerning Shoniwa: At times he would draw the keys of heaven on a piece of paper and surprisingly later they would turn into real iron keys; and therefore this caused much amazement to us.

Immediately after father John had received the word of God through the revelation of the divine presence, his diet was water only; which he prepared as follows: He had a small golden cross which he put into the water, then he drunk the water as his food but threw away any extra which remained when satisfied. Later on after a process of months he said, My father instructed me to eat rice, pumpkins and fish. "At this place during that time, fish became his major diet since rice was hard to get. Using his boat which nobody knew whence it was obtained, John went fishing in a very big pool at Nyamweda and so got his food. (This pool was in Menyami River).

Now before anybody received the gift of prophecy, Father John prophesied many things to the people. During this time he displayed the works of the holy spirit which rested on him by the following means: - He could cast out evil spirits, and of excelling impact was the power to convict the people forsake witchcraft. He also urged the folks to stop worshipping their gods but to turn to the one living God who has eternal life. When father John discoursed pouring out words of life, he alerted the people that there is another person who would come upon them. Moreover this person being more powerful than them, they would not be able to control him. It happened therefore (that) when many people had followed him, Father John led them to a small mount called Chinyamatamba. Meanwhile as he was on this mountain with the multitude, the Holy Spirit fell or descended upon the people who thereby spoke in different tongues. Father John then made it clear to the people, that the person he had said would come upon them, was the Holy Spirit, and that he was now stirring in them and giving utterance of foreign languages, in the praise of God.

African clergymen and chiefs, prompted by jealousy on account of the multitudes faithful to Father John, complained to the authorities to the end that father John should be stopped preaching. He was, as a result, several times arrested and imprisoned. This led to a wonder which people and especially the wardens witnessed; for behold although he was securely bound in jail with others, the wardens would next find him outside the prison in open air like a free man. The Rhodesian authorities urged the African to bear up with Father John and besides they added in favour of Father John declaring, "We don't find anything evil against this man. "However most of chiefs refuted with the words, " This youth is mad. " Chief Nyandoro was the only one who accepted Father John at first (i. e. of all the chiefs). Father John had told the authorities and the people Rhodesia that he had been sent to announce to Africa that their kingdom is now given to them; and that the Africans shall govern themselves in their country, a thing which has been accepted by God. The chiefs refusing to respond to the message, rejected him.

On one occasion not only did the Rhodesian authorities imprison Father John, but they also allowed the African prison wardens to persecute him, piercing his fingers with needles until blood dripped. Accordingly father John said, that Africa will indeed be free to fulfil what has been told him by God, but Rhodesia will remain in the hands of the foreigners until after (much) bloodshed would independence be achieved. The reason he stated for the bloody struggle, was because African authorities have rejected their own true messenger. Father John sang in conformity with the situation: Wakuru Wedzino nyika munondida Wenyi, munoramba Mwari wenyu muchida Satani - which means : Elders of this country, what need have you of me, you have rejected your God and loved Satan. As concerning Father John's book, Rod and the seamless Gown, these were confiscated by the Rhodesian government and taken to England (London) where they are till this day.

In 1939, John decided to go down to south Africa through Beit-Bridge. He commenced the journey on foot accompanied by some of his followers who were: -Prophet Solomon Bwaya, Pastor Lohrence Muhlanga of Malawi origin, Sailos Mregerera, Singers and others. However when he arrived at Zaka in South Eastern Rhodesia, his rivals reported him to the police and hence a policeman at Zaka, called Japa Saungwame intercepted them. In order to display his brutality, Japa had no sooner come them than he took to beating them. At these scene there was a man called Leonard Marufu, a follower of John, who happened to be sick. And here a wonder occurred; for just before Leonard and father John were struck by Japa, John took hold of Leonard and miraculously flew with him through the air a distance of three miles, to a top of a nearby mountain peak. This miracle was witnessed by Japa and all present at the scene. Father John's followers who were beaten, can show even to this day, the scars left on them by Japa's inhuman treatment. The arrested followers were forced back to their original homes, and hence even Father John had to put off the journey to South Africa.

In 1943, Father John came to Bulawayo, where he was warmly welcomed by his followers. However he later decided to travel to Leighwoods, at the home of some of undermentioned followers: Evangelist Ernest Maposa, and Richard Mpofu who was an influential prophet in the whole of Matabele land. While at this place, Father John and Richard Mpofu, decided to travel to a certain Botswana chief called Muroka, near the border of Rhodesia and Bechuanaland. At that time Botswana was a protectorate under Britain and Muroka lived near Bamazubane siding. The purpose of Father John visiting this chief, was due to his preparations for journeying to Johannesburg in South Africa; whereby therefore this chief would provide him with relevant testimonials and documents for security purposes (as is usual when anybody travels from one country to the other). Chief Maroka gave them a tremendous welcome and helped them in their requirements. Father John then returned to Leighwoods and having prepared for the travel to South Africa, (he) took the following disciples: -Evangelist Saizi Sithole, Evangelist Titus Muchuchu and Prophet Samuel Shinyanga and others not mentioned. The journey to South Africa was by train and on arrival to Johannesburg, Father John was warmly received by those of his followers who were working there by the time.

However, it happened in the same year, Father John travelled back from south Africa to Bulawayo and Leighwoods: and here he dwelt for about two years baptising and displaying the word of God. During these two years he began purchasing religious books to further the knowledge and instruction of the people. It was here that he begun to divide the offices of his senior disciples as follows: -

Evangelist Saizi Sithole was appointed to lead the whole assembly in every corner of the church, and entrusted with full power to announce any new proceedings in the congregation. Besides, Sithole and Samson Mativela were privileged to stand in the 'Jordan' with Father John when he baptism was in process. All this implies that Sithole was chosen to be top in rank upon other disciples. Next was

Evangelist Saprien Nedewedzo Nyathi, who was given the office to control all work of the Prophets and to record their prophetic announcements. Evangelist Titus Muchuchu who was directed to be the Bible teacher to all the evangelists, Pastors, Prophets and the whole church. He was also given the authority to instruct from other scriptural books comparing with the bible. Evangelist Lazarus Chipanga was allotted his post in the church as the top- preacher of the gospel to the 'heathen' (i. e. they that have not believed the church's doctrine) and Evangelist Ernest Maposa seconded Chipanga in this duty.

Now a part from the above-mentioned Evangelists, there were a large number of Pastors, some of whose duties are undermentioned: -
Pastor Nicholas Dzawiro Moyo was ordained to be the head pastor of all the congregations, whereas France Matika was appointed to be the head of all pastors in Bulawayo and also gateway pastor to all followers of Father John. Pastor George Marondera was given the office of teaching all women of the church and by rank is second from pastor Nicholas. The third in the series of pastors is pastor Mwani who was entrusted to looking after and teaching carpenters. There was yet another, pastor Enock Jesten Gawaza, who was given the office of teaching all men to understand and hence to obey the law of God. It is important to note that unfortunately, Evangelist Titus Muchuchu died at Port Elizabeth, and Father John appointed Robinson Wilson Sichaya to fill his place.

The church is also gifted with the power of prophecy by the aid of the Holy Spirit; and of the prophets who are quite many, the undermentioned are amongst the most influential ones: -Prophet Samuel Shinyanga as head of all the prophets and entrusted with the duty of looking after Father John and the Holy Virgins appointed by Father John as the Ark of the Covenant. In the series of prophets, prophet and pastor Nicholas Dzwayiro Moyo, rank second. Ranking third from the prophet Shinyanga is prophet Kefas Harunawanwe. Richard Mpofu was appointed gateway prophet to the followers of Father John and also to be head of all prophets in Bulawayo. Therefore the top disciples were all given their ranks and duties as already aforementioned.

In 1945, travelling by train, Father John left Rhodesia for South Africa accompanied by his followers among whom were: Evangelist Saizi Sithole, Evangelist Titus, Pastor Nicholas, Prophet Shinyanga and Sisters. He arrived at Johannesburg and later passed on to Pretoria, but then settled at Everton near Johannesburg. In 1947, Father John returned to Rhodesia to baptise, which on successful completion, he returned that very year to South Africa. Unfortunately at Krugenstrop in Transvaal, he became severely ill and was at death's door. According to his earlier habit, he would revive; and this was in harmony with what has already been explained, concerning his being unconscious and then coming round, which used even to happen before he undertook his ministry. However he later became well, after which recovery, he went to Cape Town, Durban and lastly in 1948 to Port Elizabeth.

Father John stayed for fifteen years at port Elizabeth, teaching his followers the word of God, and organising their communal welfare. As means of procuring daily (bread) sustenance, Father John taught his followers a variety of trades and handicrafts which were: Carpentry, engineering, plumbing, mechanics, electricity, basketry, Lathering and building. Excelling among these was Carpentry, whereby a shop to teach and practice the trade was opened, led by Pastor John Muwani and assisted by Pastor Luka Matte. Besides this, these pastors organised the teaching of other trades like: Tinsmith, basket weaving, mechanism and electric wiring. As concerning the females of the community, weaving cloth by hand and sawing machines remains a prominent occupation. Each individuals worked on his own behalf and was thereby entitled to keep the amount of his earnings, which were subject to a contribution which each family - head could manage to pay, after taking into consideration family maintenance problems such as food and clothing. Moreover, if it was needful to raise or contribute money for a cause of immediate attention, the community would be called on to contribute for that purpose a part from the constant contributions earlier mentioned. These funds of the church members, rested in what may be termed a committee of Elders comprised of the following: -Evangelists, Pastors, Prophets, and other respectable men. The decision of the committee was subject to the final recommendation of Father John. The majority of the community members’ were-self employed. However, there are those elders who were appointed special communal undertakings, and thereby due to much commitment hardly have time to work for their daily bread; and such elders being many, Father John appointed young men to work for their families, and whereby such families would have money for their maintenance and for contributions when occasions arises.

Now within the community were selected damsels, by Father John, who were to maintain their virginity until death, and were collectively called the Ark of God. Sisters is the other name given to them, and besides Father John choosing them alone, he is assisted by prophets; and moreover others became sisters by volunteering through their parents. It was at Port Elizabeth, that father John built and perfected the covenant of virgins, enjoining them to their celibacy. As regards their work, they are the church's special singers; they sing at baptism, and at the mission when sent to spread the Gospel.

While at Port Elizabeth, father John organised the running of lower and upper primary schools for the community. The followers of Father John became well civilised to such an extent that port Elizabeth city council termed them- 'First class standard'. Their fame spread overseas, attracting thereby many newsmen and photographers, who obtained material for publishing. Since they were dwelling at Korsten town in Port Elizabeth, they became popularly known the 'Korsten Basket Makers. 'Father John in Port Elizabeth was familiarly known as 'Jack Sithole': where Jack was his father's, whereas Sithole was that of his clan. Evangelist Titus Muchuchu was nicknamed 'Titus Jack Sithole'-by father John.

This being because Titus was more influenced by father John to lead his followers to good behaviours; and any misconduct. It was a half-heaven for the followers of Father John.

As regarding the Ark of the virgins, Father John declared that he had been advised by God to set it up, for it is a covenant between God and his world. Adding he said if the ark lasts until the great and dreadful day of the lord, the believers shall escape the destruction to come; as it was in the days of Noah when eight souls were rescued through the ark. He enjoined the damsels to adhere to chastity and purity till they die. Moreover, Father John explained, that the Gospel (begun on mount Marimba) shall be spread throughout the world by Pastors, Evangelists, and Prophets all aided by the Ark in the singing. The gospel therefore which was founded in 1932 on mount Marimba, will one day reach Palestine. Father John continued, that when the gospel reaches Israel, special prophetic predictions will be fulfilled. As pertaining to the countries to be covered, some of them are : - Asia, Europe, America, Latin America, Australia, and of course throughout Africa initially, and other islands of the sea.

Discoursing on the hereafter, Father John clarified many scriptural passages on the subject and further introduced many things: and he said that the souls of the righteous may be born in other covenants of God to come. Adding he said it was not the first time for him to be with his disciples, and revealed he had been sent many times to earth with different names, whereby his disciples had accompanied him. Moreover he said, that in pre-Adamic period, he had been sent seven times to earth; but their being no records of that time, no memory of it remains. In addition concerning the eschatology to come, Father John said there will be a new earth for the righteous to dwell and repopulate. However, he continued, this present dispensation shall pass away in the manner following: -

Firstly there shall come a great tribulation and finally destruction of this world, through violence arising from the misunderstanding of the present generation. There shall be a great war of the whole earth wherein nuclear and other sophisticated weapons shall be utilized; and thereby producing the fire which shall destroy the present generation. However the remnant of the righteous shall escape the disastrous catastrophe on account of the Ark of the Virgins which as already explained, were chosen by Father John from his followers. Father John strongly persisted, that certainly true believers shall escape the great and dreadful of the lord; which had been foretold by nearly all prophets but with unique clarity by Malachi the prophet: and these righteous, after their escape will enter will enter the new earth and live happily therein. Explaining the significance of the heavenly ascent of Elijah and Enock without death; and thereby going heaven from earth with their bodies he said: Enock's ascension was a prophetic deed to the Pre-flood generation, foreshadowing that through the Ark of Noah, a few souls would escape the destruction deluge and entering a new earth, would begin dispensation, foreshadowing the escape of the righteous from the cataclysm of fire, through this new Ark of Virgins, into the new earth; wherein righteousness and hence everlasting prosperity would be enjoyed by the righteous.

Moreover Father John made it clear, that God did not in vain create the earth, but purposed that it should be inhabited by the children of man. However if the generation on earth adds sin upon sin, and thereby fails to acknowledge their creator, that generation is destroyed but the righteous are preserved to rehabilitate the earth, which would be called - ' New Earth. '
The new earth to be revealed, will have a new long - live climate; so a good a climate that people may live even a thousand generations. The age of man since the flood, was cut short through the change of climate, resulting after the disastrous deluge of Noah. Therefore the coming worldwide destruction by fire, shall change this present climate into a new long -life climate. All this Father John declared in his teaching to his followers.

Father John, highly impressed his followers to understand the scriptures clearly. Discoursing on the resurrection, he affirmed, that really there will be the resurrection of the dead at the last trumpet, whereby those who come to life shall be able to recognise each other after resurrecting. Adding he stated, that this is a very confidential thing to God: that the raised souls will repopulate the earth together with the saved alive; bearing in mind the earlier mention of the repopulating of the new earth by the righteous rescued from the judgement of fire.

It is clear from the scriptures that God does not purpose to create a new earth. His promise to Israel is that they shall inherit the new earth for a thousand generations, as comparable with Deuteronomy 7: 9. This is what God has promised; where a thousand generations is between thirty to forty thousand years. This promise, being yet unfulfilled to Israel awaits its accomplishment in the new earth to come. Prophet Isaiah predicted thus: "For as the new heaven and the new earth which I will create shall remain before me, "saith the Lord, "so will your name and seed remain. "Isaiah 66: 22. Father John went on to say, that the earth is the only one of the planets as yet habitable. Observe you that the planets of the solar system, and the planets of other solar systems, of which the stars are the suns, were made simply to adorner little earth. God does not plan things on a small scale; and it magnifies his wisdom and power to believe he mad man in his own image and likeness; and that man being specially privileged above the angels because he has been given the gift of procreation, that he might repopulate the universe at the will of God. This magnifies the whole scheme of redemption.

Think how corruption held sway in the days of Noah, so much that God decided to redeem eight righteous souls only to repopulate the new earth. If God had a plan to create a new people, he would have destroyed them completely and started a fresh, with a new race. Satan would then have boasted that he had blocked God's plan of replenishing the earth with righteous human race.

In the new earth, the nations consisting of the saved, will walk in it's light; whereas the kings of the earth will bring their glory and owner to the metropolis of the holy kingdom, the new Jerusalem: Revelation 21: 24. And there in the new earth, they shall build houses and inhabit them, they shall plant and eat their produce. Isaiah 65: 21. When the earth has undergone the baptism of fire, people, the representative of the saved nations will be men and women in whom no taint of sin is to be found; and therefore being without trace of sin cannot impart it to their offspring and would be like Adam and Eve before these ancestors had transgressed. This therefore doesn't only magnify the whole scheme of redemption but also justifies the Most High God in the creation of human race.

The Gospel started by this great Holy man of Africa, Father John, still continues and by God's guidance there will be redemption for all nations before the day of fire. Then shall the prophecy of Christ be fulfilled. "The wicked shall be thrown into a blazing furnace, whereas the righteous shall shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. "Read also Deuteronomy 7: 27, Rev. 20: 8-9, Rev. 11: 15, Ezk 38: 17-20.


  1. This is the story of the founder of the Gospel of God Church international that has Churches in South Africa,Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi,Zambia, Kenya,Ethiopia, South Sudan,UK,and other countries.

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  11. Thank you very much munyori bt iwe wataura wakarerekera kudivi re vanonamata saturday achitumwa murume uyu akati namatai zuva rechishanu ndoranyorwa kudenga namwari baba kuti vanhu vatema vanamate muwane nhaka ndiro zvakare zuva rakaita kuti james na phillip vakwire mugomo renyota vanamate kwemakore 7 vakaputirwa nemhute vachikumbira nyenyedzi ivhenekere africa yakanga yatadzirwa panevanji nevakuru vedu

    1. You are spot on. This is history of Saturday. Johanne was for Friday. Saturday ikazomu muputira asi ndiye nevanji pahutumwa. Nhau kuti ikwane inoda kuti itaurwe ana Manuwero, Sebastian, nhau yemisi misimwa, James na Phillip, mapfihwa matatu (murehwa, negomo, domboshava) etc.

  12. Gospel of God Church is in Wolverhampton UK....Come and worship God with us. More information can be found on for the Uk branch call me on 07939899955 Fortune .....I should be able to point you in the right direction.

  13. Handina kunzwisisa kuti ko manuere akazobvepi dzidziso iyi inenge yataura ichirerekera kusaturday yasiya zvechishanu ndibatsireiwo mapositori

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. mazwi anoyera mazwi emudzimu unoyera

  15. uuuuh lot of editing pane vavhangeri vasingabudi apo vakanga varipo vachifamba nabab johane nyaya iri kukonzero kuti vanhu vanyebe inyaya yepabulawayo 1986-1988 tine chembere dziri kutaura nyaya inoti siyanei pamusoro pevavhangeri apo nokuti pane kubvutwa kwakaitwa vanhu nechikonzero chehukuru vamwe nekungwara kwakumhanya kunyora nhema asi kungoti mwari ndiye anoziva hake coz ndinocherekedza pose panotaurwa nyaya yajohane vanhu vanot bvekerwa namutunhire havataurwi asi ukabvunza vanhu vaivapo vanokuudza nezvevarume ava.

    1. Even naaDhasiwesi hanakutaurwa vanonyora zvakarerekerakudivi ravo but the truth must be told havazive nhoroondo yemasowe


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